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Booking Procedure
Page last updated at 09:47 on Monday, 05 November 2018

The procedure to book the Hall comprises a few simple steps as follows:

1. Hirer makes a PROVISIONAL booking (usually by email) with the Booking Officer (bookingsATcharlesmorrishall.org.uk, amending 'AT' to read '@') indicating (i) the purpose of the booking (e.g. 5th Birthday Celebration), (ii) the times and date the Hirer would like to occupy the Hall (including the time needed to set up before and tidy up after the function), (iii) the Hirer's full postal address and (iv) the Hirer's phone number.

2. Booking Officer sends to the Hirer the necessary paperwork comprising:

  • a letter acknowledging the Hirer's PROVISIONAL booking;
  • two copies of the Hiring Agreement; and
  • one copy of our Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire.;
3. Hirer completes and signs one copy of the Hiring Agreement and sends to the Booking Officer :
  • one copy of the completed & signed Hiring Agreement; and
  • a Deposit, if required (250 for one-off adult functions or 100 for all other one-off functions); and
  • the Hiring Fee.
4. Booking Officer sends to the Hirer a letter which:
  • acknowledges receipt of completed & signed Hiring Agreement;
  • acknowledges receipt of Deposit (if any);
  • confirms the date and times of the booking; and
  • acknowledge receipt of the Hiring Fee; and 
  • advise about the collection and return of the keys for the Hall and car park gate.
5. Hirer has a safe and successful function.

6. Hirer returns to the Booking Officer the keys for the Hall and car park gate.

7. Booking Officer introduces the Hirer's Deposit (if any) to his shredder with predictable results!

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