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The Charles Morris Hall story - Dudley Wood

The Charles Morris story - Ian Holt


Charles Morris Hall
Tyttenhanger Green, Tyttenhanger, ST ALBANS, Hertfordshire, AL4 0RN, England
Registered Charity Number 269802

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Page last updated at 11:00 on Wednesday, 02 June 2021


Availability of
Casual Bookings
on Saturdays

Regular Bookings
Sunday through Friday



Update 05 March 2021:
CMH to reopen in stages from 12 April 2021

Advice has been received from our good friends at Herts CDA and ACRE which has allowed us to form a policy which means the Hall will be available from the start of business on the following dates:

  • Monday, 12 April 2021 - all regular bookings aimed at children (i.e. Socatots and Baby Sensory) subject to a limit of 15 attending plus under-fives)
  • Monday, 17 May 2021 - all regular bookings aimed at adults (i.e. all other regular bookings) subject to the limit for controlled events of 50% of the Hall's capacity of 120 and the "rule of 6" for social groups^)
  • Saturday, 26 June 2021* - casual (i.e. one-off) bookings such as children's birthday celebrations, subject to the Hall's Terms & Conditions of Hire

* subject to delay if SAGE and/or NERVTAG and/or HM Government get spooked by circumstances including but not limited to  new variants of Covid-19 / Bat Lurgy / King Flu (take your choice).
^ bookings for groups of people which are spread-out in the Hall (e.g. exercise classes) are considered to be outside the "rule of 6".

To make a booking for a casual (i.e. one-off) function on a Saturday*

* casual bookings on Sundays cannot be accepted

  1. Check Availability of Casual Bookings on Saturdays; then
  2. Come back to this page (Home) and email the Booking Officer with:
    • your full name (to avoid any confusion with 'names' in legacy, maiden-name or 'funky' email addresses)
    • the purpose of your booking
    • your preferred date and times
    • your full postal address (inc. postcode)
    • your phone number (mobile)

The Charles Morris Hall is a traditional village hall in the hamlet of Tyttenhanger Green, a couple of miles south east of the historic city of St Albans, in the county of Hertfordshire, to the north of London ... England.

The Hall was built in 1974 at the behest of the residents of Tyttenhanger Green.  The building was financed by the sale to the City & District Council of land left to the the community by the late Charles Morris, a local businessman, after whom the Hall is named. A brief biography of Charles Morris may be viewed here.

We believe we have one of the best village halls in Hertfordshire and although we could keep this wonderful asset to ourselves, we are pleased to offer it for hire to individuals and organisations outside Tyttenhanger Green.

Book the Hall early to secure 
your preferred date 
and avoid disappointment

If you are interested in making a casual (i.e. one-off) or a regular booking of the Hall please browse the links to Availability of Casual Bookings on Saturdays and Regular Bookings Sundays through Fridays respectively above or in the left-hand column to see if your preferred times and date are available or contact the Booking Officer.  Don't forget to read the small print! (link in the left hand column)

For further information on the booking procedure click here.

PROVISIONAL bookings will NOT 
be held indefinitely and will LAPSE 
automatically after one month

The Booking Officer will have responded promptly to your request for a PROVISIONAL booking so please have the courtesy to reply within a reasonable time. 

One-off bookings at the Hall remain PROVISIONAL until the Booking Officer acknowledges receipt of one copy of the completed and signed Hiring Agreement and the Deposit (if any).

PROVISIONAL bookings will NOT be held indefinitely at the risk to the Hall of losing another booking on the same date.

PROVISIONAL bookings will LAPSE automatically if, after two (2) weeks from the date the Booking Officer sends the PROVISIONAL booking documentation to you, the Booking Officer has not received the completed and signed Hiring Agreement and the Deposit (if any).   Remember, money speaks louder than phone calls or e-mails!

The Management Committee will NOT be responsible for any costs incurred by a prospective hirer in connection with a PROVISIONAL booking which lapses under these booking terms.

WiFi at the Charles Morris Hall

The Management Committee is delighted to announce the Hall is equipped with complimentary WiFi for the benefit of hirers.

The WiFi is password-protected and the current password is displayed on a wall inside the main Hall.

The WiFi password may be changed from time to time with the aim of preventing potential abuse of this facility.

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